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Welcome To
Case Painting and Staining
Our company is made up of highly experienced painters who will provide you with the highest quality job.We specialize in exterior  painting  and staining of residential houses and condominiums.​
We are covered by full liability insurance and workmens' compensation.We look forward to giving you a free quotation for your project.Preserving the beauty of your old wooden home or vacation cabin can be a strenuous task. While you can do this on your own, it will take many hours before you can accomplish the job. You might also miss some spots that professionals can easily see. Unless you have lots of time on hand and a hefty financial cushion, you need the expertise of a professional. One company that can provide reliable exterior wood staining service in Cleveland is Case Painting and Staining Co.

Case Painting and Staining Co. was founded in 1983. Ever since, the company has shown total respect for clients and mastery of their craft. Over the years, Case Painting became the highly sought and well-respected painting contractor in the Cleveland area. The company's mission is to provide high-quality workmanship for all customers. 

Case Painting and Staining Co. is also a proud accredited member of the Better Business Bureau.Case Painting and Staining Co. can offer different home refinishing and improvement services. The most popular service offered by the company is exterior staining, painting, and preservation. The company utilizes the best materials and painting agents for all of its projects. Other services include aluminum siding refinishing, shake roof repairs, roof cleaning jobs, and brush & spray applications. All of these services are handled with care and precision in order to give the best outcome for homeowners. 

Even if you have a limited budget for home repair and refinishing, Case Painting and Staining Co. is a great match for your needs. The company has affordable service rates, and you can even benefit from possible discounts someday. With the company's expertise and dedication to excellence, every penny spent brings great value to your home. 

You deserve the best exterior staining and painting services for your home. Contact Case Painting and Staining Co. today and get your estimate!

Providing The Highest Quality Work!
Let's  Work Together!
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